figure skater nails

This manicure looks like a figure skater’s costume to me. Imagine illusion netting, rhinestones and shiny velvet.

Carolina Kostner on the ice

So i’m not so sure I love these nails but I put then together 30 minutes before I had to be at dinner – not too shabby under the circumstances.

I used Chanel Frenzy (one of my fall favorites) as a base color then just painted on alternating layers of different shimmery red, pink and purple and some purple glitter. Ta Da! Figure skater nails.

please excuse the tip wear…The metallic colors obviously haven’t held up in 1 day.

runway inspired Halloween manicures

A friend of mine, Hannah Morrill, asked me to come up with some runway inspired Halloween manicures for I took ideas from Ruffian, Jenni Kayne, Prabal Gurung and Chanel runway looks to make a bit more real life friendly designs.

Prabal Gurung bloody tips:

I saw the Prabal Gurung manicure recreated all over the internet but kept thinking ‘who wants to look like they have been scratching off their mosquito bites?’ Somehow the runway version was a bit too literal for me. So I came up with something a bit more wearable. I love this manicure. It’s subtle enough for everyday. At first glance it reads as a plain red manicure but up close you see the shiny drips of blood. For more impact you can always apply the drips in a deeper red to amp up the contrast between the base color and the dripping ‘blood.’

Kate Spade polka dots gone googly eyes:

Everyone knows polka dots are in, everything is spotted and dotted up the wazoo. I liked the idea of reinterpreting  the  polka dot into googly eyes. Essie’s new Stylnomics hits on the rich jewels tones of Kate Spade’s fall collection so I thought it would make a great base color.

Jenni Kayne pumpkin french:

In the same vein of finding bloody nails less than appealing, recreating smoker’s jaundiced nails seems kind of gross to me as well. But the french manicure is a classic and I’ve been seeing multicolored french manicures all over the place. Enter the pumpkin french, I loved the Chanel beige and shimmering orange combo, and it doesn’t make you look like a chain smoker!

Ruffian / Chanel velvet silhouette:

Velvet manicures seem very popular right now. Ruffian had amazing 2 toned half moon manicures on their models for their fall 2012 runway show. there is something so luxurious and sophisticated about velvet. I have herd mixed reviews on the Ciate Velvet manicure sets but still can’t get the look off my mind. I decided to combine the Chanel cruise collection‘s silhouetted manicure with the sultry palette and texture of Ruffian’s fall nails. Matte top coat is amazing and really transforms the effect of a manicure.

sweater time!

I guess I’m not the only one with sweaters on the brain. Yesterday’s post came about because I finally transferred my summer clothes out for my winter clothes (read: unpacking LOTS of sweaters). Rediscovering favorite items from past seasons is quiet invigorating.

Baxter in her Aran jumper

Today my friend (and AMAZING trainer) Raquel asked me about sweaters, what to look for and where to get them. She’s new to the east coast and doesn’t have the massive sweater collection that a New Englander might have. It got me thinking of some knitwear basics. I am surprisingly quite utilitarian in my knitwear preferences. My one rule; a sweater is meant to serve one purpose above all others, that it to keep you warm. So you will not see me in backless sweaters, or cashmere tube tops (they make them, I swear). If a sweater doesn’t have some thermal properties it has no business being a sweater. What’s the point in a wooly turtle neck without sleeves? Your torso is warm but your arms will fall off. If it’s warm enough for your arms to be bare chances are it’s too warm for a sweater.

1. the fitted sweater: Sweaters don’t have to be boxy and unflattering. Dare I say it is possible to look sharp and even sexy AND stay warm.

Timo Weiland Dancer’s Peplum sweater at

This is a great sweater. Fitted waist = feminine. The leather sleeves on this are actually tighter on a real person (not a stick insect), I’ve tried it on. And it’s BURGUNDY, color au courant, which I think flatters most complexions. Imagine this sweater with a pencil skirt, maybe a thin belt and some pumps and you are set for work. Notch up those heels, add a smokey eye and you’re ready for a sexy evening.

2. the chunky knit: My grandmother always used to knit Aran sweaters for me and my brother. I loved them, but they were itchy. Anywho, I can’t go without having a sweater of a similar nature in my closet, cream colored chunky cable knit, cardigan or pullover.

Michael Kors aran sweater from Net-a-Porter ($$$)


Again applicable to many skin tones and complexions. Great with skinny jeans and knee high boots, a good look for farmer’s markets, pumpkin patch -ing? and wintry jaunts. This can actually be a sweater to splurge on. It’s a style what will never be super trendy or super untrendy, it just is. I vouch for it. It can also be good to head to the men’s department when looking for this sweater. That’s how I found one of my favorites.










Club Monaco Aran Sweater at at a much better price


This is a way more reasonably priced option, but a girl can dream of luxury sweaters.













3. the fun sweater: Just because it’s knitted doesn’t been it has to be bland and boring either. A lively color or pattern is such a relief in the grayer months of the year. Have you ever noticed that you feel better when you wear bright colors? I swear you cannot be glum when you wear bright pink.

J. Crew Polka Dot SweaterAgain,


I love this sweater from J. Crew. Cabarnet with punchy pink spots. I love it.










Bright Leopard at


I also think this blue and yellow leopard print from is really fun. Definitely a jazzy and invigorating pattern for a gloomy day.












4. the slouchy sweater: AKA the boyfriend sweater. I actually recommend sticking to the women’s section when looking for a boyfriend sweater – go figure. I like a deep V-neck to counter balance the bagginess of the sweater (maybe a strip of lace from a camisole or bra poking out…).

Vince V-Neck Sweater at

This is the sweater that you throw over a pair of leggings and get super cozy in. I like it to be long enough to cover my butt (remember leggings). Usually best in cashmere. You want it to be the most enticing thing in your closet on a cold blustery day. You can also put a belt over it if you want to leave the house but don’t want to be too shapeless.

So there you have some basics. Just four, trying to keep it simple so obviously there are tons of other options and styles but I find that these are my sweater stables.

pink polka dots

One of my favorite new fall items is a sweater from J. Crew. Burgundy and pink polka dots, I love it.


Well I was thoroughly smitten with this combination and decided to try it out on my nails.

I used Essie’s Skirting the Issue as a base color. It a bit more of a red than the sweater in photos but in person it’s a pretty deep dark red. I used a dotting tool and Revlon’s Plum Seduction.

It’s not my best or favorite manicure. The pink polka dots don’t have quite the right vibrancy.


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